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The Yates House Heritage Site

Yates House Manitoba Historic Resources Branch

The former Yates residence, located at 431 – 16th Street, is a municipal heritage site. photo: Manitoba Historic Resources Branch

Yates house was designed and built in 1914 by prominent local contractor Frank C. Lissaman for James Yates.

He was the owner of the largest plumbing business in Brandon at the time.

Yates installed the plumbing systems in the:

Brandon Court House, McKenzie Block, Cecil Hotel, Winter Fair Building, Brandon Mental Health Centre, Clement Block, Bank of Montreal, Bank of Commerce and Dominion Bank.

The house has had several owners over the years, the most recent who have undertaken to restore both the interior and the exterior to their former glory.

Heritage Brandon

Yates House is a large 1 1/2-storey dwelling of wood-frame construction with brick and stucco veneer.

It is a fine early example of a Bungalow-style urban dwelling.

The low-pitched complex roofline, broad open verandah and exposed structural members are characteristic of a version of the style that emerged in Southern California.

It subsequently gained popularity along the West Coast and across Canada.

This dwelling also is valued for its well-preserved interior.

It features gracious, but inviting, living spaces accented with richly finished wood trim and attractive glazing.

The house remained in the Yates family for over 30 years.


Elements that define the heritage character of the Yates House site include:

• its mid-block location on a tree-lined street in an older residential area, among other homes of the same period

• the building’s placement, set back from the street, shaded and protected by trees and shrubs.

• a side driveway to a one-storey garage with a matching brick finish and wood trim

Exterior elements that define the dwelling’s well-crafted Bungalow style include:

• the south-side extension encompassing an entrance portico, also with heavily columned Tudor arches, and sunrooms on the main and upper levels

• banks of windows, all in wood surrounds, many in groups of three with multiple panes or multi-paned upper sashes

• the well-coordinated materials and finishes, including light brown brick on the lower level, rough stucco above, white-painted wood trim and rusticated sandstone sills under the main-floor windows

• details such as intricately scrolled brackets under the gable eaves, exposed rafter ends,   two rectangular brick chimneys

Interior elements that define the dwelling’s well-maintained heritage character include:

• the side-entrance plan with a spacious foyer opening on to the formal staircase

large rooms with high beamed ceilings and a sunroom appointed with painted wood trim and ceiling beams

• the second-floor layout with two large bedrooms off the central staircase landing and a second, smaller sunroom

• the open staircase featuring oak panelling on the exposed sides and underside, solid square posts and squared balusters

• the carefully crafted and attractively finished woodwork throughout, solid and substantial with little ornamentation, including doors, baseboards, ceiling beams, window sills, assorted trim and floors

• features such as:

the glazed panels separating the sunroom from the dining room

the plate shelf in the dining room,

the oak and brick fireplace in the living room flanked by a pair of horizontal multi-paned windows

• fixtures and details such as:

the small lights on the dining room ceiling beams

the central chandelier

the ornate hot-water radiators throughout,

the metal door hardware

a built-in humidifier in its oak case, a basement sprinkler system

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