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Use handy dandy Waste Wizard for more effective recycling and refuse disposal Waste Wizard logo City of Brandon

Thanks to the newly launched online tool, Waste Wizard, developed by the City’s Information technology (IT) staff, Brandon residents can now easily find out exactly how to recycle or safely dispose of waste items.

They can also click on an icon to view more information about each method.

The main goal of the tool is to help reduce contamination of the recyclables that are collected from residential blue-lid bins and taken to the City’s Material Recovery Facility (MRF) for processing.


“Placing unacceptable materials in the recycling cart negatively impacts the recycling process, as these items must be removed at the processing facility,” says City Public Works manager, Pam Penner.

“It’s far easier, and less costly, if we all do our part to ensure we’re only placing acceptable materials into the recycling cart.

We are hopeful that residents will use the Waste Wizard to help identify what materials should be going where.

This will, in turn, greatly assist us in keeping contamination out of the recyclable waste stream.”

Pam adds that the tool will help residents identify the plastics that are not processed at the MRF.

The Waste Wizard also highlights the City’s voluntary Green Cart program which offers a convenient and environmentally-sustainable method of disposing of organic waste.

The Waste Wizard can be found at or the City’s Recycling FAQ page.



You Highback Brandon Business Interiors

You Highback

• With its sleek design profile, elastomeric mesh and U-shaped frame, You boasts of an innovative back suspension system that conforms to the shape of the user’s back and provides the full support needed.
• Available with a mesh or upholstered seat, the You chair makes a statement in any office environment.

Pet Pals

Lily summer photo by Graham Street


I love summer!!!

photograph by Graham Street

(Lily is the pet pal of Marsha and Graham Street)

Sharla Byers Rolling Spokes

Sharla Byers, co-owner, Rolling Spokes

For anyone who has difficulty or pain when using stairs, a stairlift offers a solution.

These stairlift features are presented courtesy of Handicare:

• The chair is designed to go up and down the staircase guided by a track mounted directly to the steps.

• The stairs can still be used after a stairlift has been installed.

• The track can be installed as close to the wall as possible, to make sure stairs remain fully accessible to other stair users.


• Seats can be swivelled to give sufficient space when getting on and off.

• Foldable seats, footplates, and armrests free up space when the stair lift is not in use.

• A stairlift runs on a small amount of electrical power and is also equipped with batteries so that it will continue working even if there is a loss of power.



Stairlift Rolling Spokes home healthcare products

Handicare Stairlifts

A safe and reliable way of overcoming the problem of getting up and down the stairs.