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Tips for a low maintenance yard that’s attractive year-round

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photo courtesy of Whetter Landscaping

So, you’re thinking about spiffing up the yard.

You’re not sure about the overall design but, one thing you do know: it has to be low maintenance.

And, low is the operative word.

“There is no such thing as no maintenance,” says Orlando Whetter, manager of Whetter Landscaping.

“People often assume that is what low maintenance means.”

There is always going to be some weeding to do.

“But with low maintenance, instead of having to do it every week, you likely only have to weed every three weeks,” Orlando says.

Orlando recommends relying on the advice of your landscaper for types and placement of plants and trees.

“Sometimes people will see something online that appeals to them, but don’t realize it isn’t suitable for our climate,” he says.

Brandon’s plant hardiness zone is 3a.

Zones are geographically defined regions with temperatures that make it possible for particular plants to survive.

In our area, plants suitable for Zones 1 to 3 will do well.

The higher the zone the less likely the plant would thrive here.

“Low maintenance landscapes call for plenty of shrubs,” Orlando says.


Dogwoods are especially appealing.

They offer spring flowers, summer berries, and colourful fall foliage.

Most varieties have an attractive red bark in winter.

Ninebark is a cold-hardy, drought resistant shrub that does well in a variety of soil conditions.

Easy to grow, it offers white-pink spring flowers, red summer berries, and colourful leaves.

Its many-layered peeling bark adds subtle winter colour.

Versatile Junipers can serve as privacy screens, hedges, or groundcover.

Their hardiness comes from an ability to handle drought, and poor soil conditions.

Ornamental perennial grasses add interest and colour to a low maintenance landscape.

And, there are plenty of choices for our 3a zone. These include:

Karl Foerster Feather Grass offers beautiful clumps of green with spikes of feathery plumes.

These fade to rose followed by tan seed heads.

Elija Blue Fescue is useful as edging or massed in borders.

It  is bright blue, with fine textured foliage and, completely drought resistant.

Switch Grass has narrow green leaves and presents airy flowers in July. These turn to red seed heads in late summer.

In fall this grass offers outstanding yellow and red foliage.

Trees are a lovely addition to the landscape but should be carefully chosen.

“The height of trees is a consideration in a landscape because of power and cable lines,” says Orlando.

With a height at maturity of 18 feet (5 metres), the low maintenance Amur Maple works well with these restrictions.

Elegant with slender spreading branches, it presents creamy white fragrant flowers in early summer.

Bright red fruits and scarlet fall leaves round out this tree’s appeal.

Trees and shrubs do need some pruning, however, there’s always the option of hiring someone to take care of this task.

Although there are restrictions on the plant side, the sky’s the limit when it comes to hardscapes such as patios, fireplaces, firepits, and outdoor kitchens.

“I recommend people to go to the Barkman Concrete website for ideas,” says Orlando.

“They are a Manitoba company, based in Steinbach, and have excellent products.”

With suitable flowers, shrubs and trees, sturdy hardscaping and a landscaper’s advice, you can have a low maintenance yard that’s attractive all-year-round.



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Former Johnston Estate

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Artist: Weiming Zhao


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