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Throw off your stress

Duane Claridge stress

Duane Claridge absorbed in creating a new steampunk pottery piece.

Who knew that making pottery could be a stress relieving activity?

Finding a stress relieving technique wasn’t top of mind when Duane Claridge reluctantly agreed to go with a friend to for an introductory pottery class.

He was just thinking about how boring this was going to be.

“My friend wanted to take some pottery lessons, but didn’t want to go on his own,” says Duane.

“I thought it was something grandmothers did to pass the time and wouldn’t be very interesting.”

Walking into the class at the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba he saw a group of aspiring male and female potters of various ages.

He then met instructor Kevin Conlin, a renowned potter, who at six feet tall, doesn’t look like anyone’s little old grandmother.


Before the class ended, Duane was hooked. “I really enjoyed working with the clay,” he says. “It feels good in your hands, it’s of the earth and natural.”

Placing clay on a turning wheel and shaping it is a satisfying, absorbing process. “Creating an object with your own hands makes you happy,” says Duane.

“A lot of people find it’s a stress reliever. Learning how to centre clay and throw a bowl takes your mind off everything.”

As Duane became more absorbed in the pottery-making process he experimented with steampunk designs and now creates distinctive art pieces.

On the way to that first pottery class Duane would have laughed if  told he would not only enjoy creating pottery but also teaching others the basics as an introductory course instructor.

Intrigued by this creative method of stress relief or just want to give free reign to your inner artist?

Then check out the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba for class schedules.


An intriguing word with a complicated  definition.

It’s Victorian style with a modern twist, and, an industrial appearance.

Steampunk is reflected in fashion, art, science fiction, technology among other aspects of the era.

Steampunk pottery mar 16 Duane Claridge

Steampunk also defined by really cool pottery – like these pieces by Duane Claridge.


Long coat Bromley's Menswear

S. Cohen Collection


SC jewellery The Cinnamon Tree

Simon Chang

Today’s Throwback

Brandon Curling Club Daly House Museum

Brandon Curling Club

When the Brandon Curling Club was founded in 1889, teams played on an outdoor rink located at the corner of 18th Street and Victoria Avenue.

In 1896,  the Brandon Curling Club team of G.H. Smith (First), William Henderson (Third), John Inglis  (Skip), W.L. Parrish  (Second) competed in the Winnipeg Bonspiel to win the Lieutenant-Governor’s Trophy.


Brandon’s first bonspiel was held in March 1895. Eight months later, a second event took place when the Governor General, Lord Aberdeen, visited the city.

An avid supporter of outdoor winter sports, Lord Aberdeen skipped the team that defeated a rink led by Brandon lawyer, A.E. Philip.

Eileen Trott, curator, Daly House Museum

Source: Magnacca Research Centre, Daly House Museum