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 Summer gardening checklist

Roses1 The Green Spot

Roses, essential summer shrubs. photo: The Ultimate Guide to Cold Climate Gardening

• To encourage fresh growth, clean up browning daylily foliage by plucking out dead leaves or cutting the clump to 20 cm above the crown.

• Use a soaker hose to keep trees, shrubs, and perennials well watered during periods of drought.

Consider buying a sprinkler timer, so that watering occurs at night or when you leave for holidays.

• Continually remove spent blooms from annuals to encourage continued flowering.

• Check roses and patio tropicals for aphids, leaf rollers, black spot, and powdery mildew. Treat as needed.

• After flowering, cut delphiniums to the ground to stimulate a second bloom.

• Sow cool-weathering vegetables such as lettuce, kale and spinach.

• Weed, weed, and weed some more.

• Water, water, and water some more, depending on the weather.

• Monitor watering of your container gardens and hanging baskets; extreme heat will call for daily watering.


• Take a break and go on a garden tour!

You’re sure to find inspiring ideas and plants!

• Take pictures of your garden and containers at their prime.

They’ll be a great reference for the next spring and will help in your planning future projects.

• Harvest and enjoy or preserve ripened fruits and vegetables.

Essential summer plants

• Bulbs: Begonias (Begonia cvs.).

• Perennial: Garden phlox (Phlox paniculata cvs.).

• Shrubs: Roses (Rosa cvs.).

• Trees: Muckle plum (Prunus x nigrella ‘Muckle’).

• Vines: Clematis (Clematis spp. and cvs.).

The Ultimate Guide to Cold Climate Gardening by Bernie Whetter, owner of The Green Spot



 Iron Earth Soil Re-Mineralizer

• Iron Earth is highly compressed, natural, organic humus, formed through the biological breakdown of plant life over 75 million years old.
• Add Iron Earth to your garden soil and planter pots to provide the naturally occurring nutrients necessary for optimal plant growth, and excellent plant health.
• Also available at The Green Spot

A slice of cityscape

Patio Weiming Zhao

Balmoral Bay

Against intense summer sunlight, I did this quick oil sketch from our patio.

– Weiming Zhao


Lawn Guardian The Green Spot

Canadian beneficial Nematodes

• Lawn Guardian is a package of Canadian beneficial Nematodes that will help you naturally control insects in your lawn and garden.
• This one particularly focuses on the June-Japanese Beetle and European Chafer.
• Once applied, it will hunt down and kill the grubs before they are able to transform into the beetle.
Marlene LeFlar

Marlene LeFlar, co-owner, Lasting Image

Pictures are often hung on a wall too high – they are best viewed at eye level.

As a guide, hang pictures:

  • about 60 inches from the floor to the centre of the picture.
  • over a sofa with about 5-10 inches of space between the top of the sofa back and the bottom of the frame.
  • above furniture with about 3-6 inches from the top of the furniture to the bottom of the frame.

Make a paper template the size of the picture and attach it to the wall with painters tape.

You can place the template at various heights to locate the spot you like best.


Rock poster Lasting Image custom framing

Get it out of the drawer and frame it!

Some creative mat cutting on this vintage rock band poster!