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Stott Heritage Site

Stott Site Manitoba Historic Resources Branch

The Stott Site is located about five kilometres west of Brandon, just off the Trans-Canada Highway in Grand Valley Provincial Park,.

The Stott Site comprises an ancient First Nations burial mound, bison kill site and campsite, all of which are contained on a section of the steep slope and flat floodplain of the Assiniboine River valley.

The rich animal and plant resources of this portion of the Assiniboine River valley sustained Aboriginal peoples long before Europeans settled the area.

For at least 1,200 years, hunters periodically stampeded bison down the valley slope onto the flood plain where the animals were trapped and killed with spears and arrows.

Parts of the butchered carcasses were carried to camps on the slopes where meat was stripped from the bones and made into jerky and pemmican.

The bones were fashioned into tools and ornaments, or smashed and boiled in clay pots to extract the marrow, or ‘bone butter.’

The hides were made into shelters, clothing and containers.

Freshwater clams, fish, beaver, muskrat, and wild plants supplemented the diet of bison meat.


Stone tools were fashioned from local fine-grained stone and from Knife River Flint quarried in western North Dakota.

The importance of the site was recognized by the owner Frank Stott in the 1940s.

Manitoba Historic Resources Branch

Key elements that define the complex heritage character of the Stott Site include:

• the northeastern slope of the Assiniboine River valley and the flat expanse of land above and below the valley wall which are the landscape features associated with Aboriginal bison hunting and processing

• the burial mound on the northeastern wooded slope of the river valley which is contextually linked to the bison meat processing and habitation areas

• the buried archaeological remains associated with bison hunting and meat processing

• the buried archaeological remains from First Nations habitation areas

• the resource extraction areas on the wooded slopes of the valley and flood plain

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CPR Station Peel's Prairie Postcards

Postcard from the Past

A view of Brandon’s CPR Station, circa 1909.

source: Peel’s Prairie Provinces, a digital initiative of the University of Alberta Libraries.


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