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St. Matthew’s Anglican Cathedral

 Exterior view of St. Matthew's Anglican Cathedral, Brandon, 2005. Historic Resources Branch, Manitoba Culture, Heritage, Tourism and Sport, 2005

Exterior view of St. Matthew’s Anglican Cathedral, Brandon, 2005. Historic Resources Branch, Manitoba Culture, Heritage, Tourism and Sport, 2005

St Matthew's Church heritage site interior MB Heritage Resources Branch

Interior view of St. Matthew’s Anglican Cathedral, Brandon, 2005. Manitoba Historic Resources Branch, 2005

St. Matthew’s Anglican Cathedral, Mother Church of the Diocese of Brandon, is an excellent example of Late Gothic Revival architecture.

The sophisticated design by W.A. Elliott, a notable Brandon architect, along with the building’s scale and substantial brick and stone construction, are features befitting the roles and symbolism of a cathedral church.


They also reflect the prosperity and optimism that prevailed in western Manitoba prior to World War I.

Built as a parish church capable of accommodating various community activities, St. Matthew’s was consecrated as a pro-cathedral in 1945.

Canada’s Historic Places

St. Matthew’s Cathedral is a Manitoba Provincial Heritage Site.

This cathedral church of the Diocese of Brandon was built in 1912–13 to designs by Brandon architect W.A. Elliott.

It was constructed at 403-13th Street by the firm of William Bell and Son.

The English Gothic Revival style chosen by Elliott is a carefully modelled mass of limestone and brick.

It has a complex floor plan, a variety of rooflines, crenellations and tall lancet windows.

The interior is particularly beautiful, with a sophisticated use of forms, which combine the demands of structure, function and tradition into a unified whole.

Historic Resources Branch



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St. Matthew's Church artist Weiming Zhao

St. Matthew’s Anglican Cathedral

341 – 13th Street

Artist: Weiming Zhao

Each day when I leave with my easel deciding what I would like to paint, I normally have no idea what I will bring home.

It is always a spur of moment decision.

Today, while driving down the 13th Street at 10 this morning, I saw St Mathew Anglican church building steeped in the morning sunshine.


I pulled up my car and went across the street, and spent about 2 hours painting to my heart’s content.

Weiming Zhao painting

The sight of this church always brings back some fond memory of my early years in Brandon.

I remember receiving my first Christmas hamper filled up with donated food items intended for the less fortunate.

As a poor student from China I was naturally considered qualified for a hamper then.

It certainly brightened up my holidays during those difficult years of my life.

I remember I found a tape cassette recorder among the food of BU music conservatory Choir’s Christmas carols.

I remember how fond of the music I was , and how home sick I got thinking of my wife and two year-old daughter whom I would not be able to see for the next five years.

Each day I would pray for their safety and health as the snail mail then would take half a month to reach China and another half month for a return mail.

There was no private telephone in China then. What a changed world we are living now!

Weiming Zhao



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St. Matthew's Church cornerstone 1912

On October 2, 1912, Archbishop S.E. Matheson ceremonially laid the cornerstone of St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, now known as St. Matthew’s Cathedral

The Diocese of Brandon, St. Matthew’s Cathedral – Brandon


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