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West End Park Heritage Brandon

 West End Park

with Park School visible in the background.

Source: Albertype Company/Library and Archives Canada/PA-031620

photo courtesy of Heritage Brandon


Treska Jewellery The Cinnamon Tree

Treska Collection

Corey Calverly, co-owner, Hedley's Health Hut

Corey Calverly, co-owner, Hedley’s Health Hut

Clearly, the best way to get nutrients such as vitamins and minerals is through a healthy diet.

Fruits and vegetables, legumes, lean meats, fish and dairy products are among the foods most dense in nutrients for maintaining daily health.

The vitamins and minerals found in these foods are in a form that our bodies recognize and easily absorb.

While this is the ideal situation, a multivitamin can play a role in our daily lives for a number of reasons:

Daily diet realities: While the diet outlined above sounds wonderful, it’s rarely reality.

Most of us deal with busy schedules and don’t always eat the way we should.

Processed foods that are high in unhealthy fats and sugars, dominate our culture and are designed to appeal to our taste buds not our nutritional health.

A multivitamin can act as insurance to make sure our body is getting the base amount of vitamins and minerals every day for optimal health, no matter what direction the day’s diet goes.

Stress: The modern Canadian lifestyle is stressful.

Balancing family and work demands combined with insufficient sleep and relaxation leaves our bodies, minds and immune systems vulnerable to running down.

Getting consistent nutritional support can help us get through unexpected or prolonged stressful periods.

High performance: Those of us who are active and working out physically (or mentally) at high levels demand more out of our bodies.

This extra activity uses up more nutrients.

A multivitamin can help to top up even a healthy diet to help our body perform at its upper potential.


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Brandon’s hotels, 1882

Queens Hotel Daly House Museum

Grand Central Hotel, 1882, photo: Daly House Museum

The Grand Central Hotel, located on the west side of Sixth Street, between Rosser Avenue and Pacific Avenue.

It was a fine three-story building that presented an imposing appearance, and was another architectural attraction of the city.

The structure covered an area of 150 x 100 feet, and its inner arrangement is of a most perfect description.

On the ground floor were the offices, billiard room, kitchen, and spacious dining room capable of accommodating 100 guests.

On the second floor was a large elegantly furnished ladies parlour and sundry bedrooms.

The upper floor was devoted exclusively to dormitories.

The house had sleeping accommodation for over 100 guests.

The proprietors of this house were Messrs. Carson and Caulfield, the former of who had been a resident of Canada for over ten years.

He was one of the leading merchants of western Manitoba.

Mr. Caulfield was a young and enterprising man, who was bound to make a telling record in the Northwest.

Both had other branches of business on hand, but in none did they furnish a more useful institution, and one that did more for the progress of Brandon.

Source: The Magnacca Research Center, Daly House Museum.

Beaubier House
This fine hotel was opened to the public in June 1882, by Mr. T. Beaubier, from whom the house takes its name,
and Mr. G. W. Cornell.

It is situated on the corner of Princess Avenue and 7th Street. The hotel is in area 50 x 70 feet, and is 3 storeys high.

On the ground floor are the reading rooms, office, commercial room, dining room, kitchen, bar room and wash room.

The second and third storeys are used as dormitories, besides having the public and private parlors on the second, and several suites of rooms on the third floor.

Altogether there are 34 different sleeping apartments which will accommodate about 100 people comfortably.

The dining room, which is large and airy, has a seating capacity of about 75.

The number of hands employed in carrying on this business is 12, and they carefully attend to the wants of the guests.

Messrs. Beaubier & Cornell also give their personal supervision to every department.

These enterprising gentlemen have commenced the running of a free bus to and from the hotel and depot.

The Grandview/Crystal Hotel

Grandview Hotel Feb 18 Daly House Museum

Grandview Hotel, 1882. photo: Daly House Museum

Crystal Hote Feb 18 Heritage Brandon

Crystal Hotel, formerly known as the Grandview Hotel, today. photo: Heritage Brandon

Although now known as the Crystal Hotel, this hostelry at 838 Pacific Avenue was named the Grandview when it opened as one of Brandon’s first hotels in 1882.

The brick building’s substantial appearance, with steep-pitched mansard roof and prominent balcony above the entrance canopy, must have caught the eye of the tired traveler and new emigrant emerging from the CPR Station just down Pacific Avenue.

Early advertisements declared it to be “strictly first class in every respect and the best hotel in Brandon for commercial men”.

The elongated windows of the second storey are the only visible remnants of the hotel’s original appearance.

Heritage Brandon