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Present a showhome to potential buyers

Look at your home through the eyes of  prospective buyers.

Look at your home through the eyes of prospective buyers.

When you’re selling your home you need to prepare it to meet buyers’ needs

But, it can be difficult to detach yourself from the emotions associated with your home and see it as a product you are trying to sell.

• Look at your house and grounds through the eyes of a prospective buyer.

• You could also view houses on the market priced similarly to yours to find out what the competition has to offer.

• Spending money on home improvements not only makes a house sell more quickly, it can also put more money in your pocket.


You could lose out on thousands of dollars if you don’t prepare the house for sale.

The outside of your house must be in good condition.

If people don’t see a well-maintained exterior, they are already discounting the value of your house before they look inside.

• A fresh coat of whitewash on a stucco house will do wonders for its curb appeal.

• Entrance stairs, decks and verandas should be clean and in good repair.

• Prune trees and shrubs, take care of bald spots on the lawn, clean eaves and downspouts of debris.

• Clean windows and caulk if necessary.

• Check the general condition of the roof.

Kitchen and bathroom renovations will always add to your resale value.

Buyers look for a clean modern bathroom and an up-to-date kitchen.

Overall, the house should look spacious and uncluttered so prospective buyers can view a show home, not someone’s family home.

• Paint rooms a neutral colour and remove patterned wallpaper.

• Remove family photos, pictures, and knicknacks so surfaces are clear.

That includes items stored on countertops and the fridge.

• Linen and clothes closets should be uncluttered so they look roomy.

• You are going to be moving anyway so why not pack up these items

Buyers don’t mind seeing boxes if they are stored neatly in the basement.

• You could also rent a lockup to store furniture and other items that could detract from the look you want to achieve.

By removing your presence from the house you are opening the door for a buyer to turn it into their home.



Blue Bubble Lasting Image custom framing

Need some bubbly fun in your home?

Make a statement! Hang ART on your walls!

A slice of cityscape

Tire Swing Jo-Anne Douglas

Tire swing

in yard at the south end of 26th Street.

photograph: Jo-Ann Douglas


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A better way to camp!
Sharla Byers Rolling Spokes

Sharla Byers, co-owner, Rolling Spokes

Bath safety includes following certain safety procedures, but it also includes equipment and facilities – such as modified bathtubs, showers and toilets.

People have various physical limits and strengths, so your bathtub, shower and toilet should be modified to suit your personal requirements.

Safety aids for bathrooms include grab bars and hand held showers.

The grab bars should be securely mounted onto the walls for added security when entering, exiting and moving around inside the tub.

Hand held showers are mounted on the wall and can be detached to allow for seated washing.

Transfer benches, bath stools/seats and tub grab bars are items that are also designed with your safety in mind.

Other areas of your bathroom can also be modified for safety such as toilet safety frames, commodes and raised toilet seats.

All these accessible devices can instantly turn your bathtub into a safer place.


The Green Spot’s distinctive furniture is imported from Indonesia. Its warm and slightly weathered appearance adds character and charm to every interior, from rustic cottages to modern homes. This solid wood furniture is made from naturally felled trees, so it is ecologically produced.

Bath Safety

Whether it’s a walk-in bathtub, a simple shower head, a portable bath-lift or just a set of grab rails, staff at Rolling Spokes have the experience and knowledge to help you find the safe solution for all your bathing needs.