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Postwar Boom Brandon,1950

postwar boom Downtown 1950s Bill Hillman collection

Downtown Brandon, 1950

postwar boom 10th Street and Rosser Avenue 1950s Bill Hillman collection

Tenth Street and Rosser Avenue, 1950

As was the case in many communities, the end of the war brought with it a minor boom in the Brandon economy.

There were two obvious indicators: a renewed vigour in the city’s industrial base, and the opening of new residential subdivisions.

In 1945, a major addition to the McKenzie Seeds building added still more dominance to the most imposing building in the core.

On the city’s fringes there were new processing plants for farm products or the bountiful natural resources.

In the south end, adjacent to the cemetery, Central Refiners had become Anglo-Canadian Oil, with close to 300 employees engaged in processing crude oil from the Virden field.

North of the Assiniboine, Brandon Packers had a work force of similar size preparing locally-grown beef for both local and eastern markets.

Even more obvious, perhaps, was the boom in home construction.

Wartime building in Brandon had pushed the building-permit values above the $1 million mark.

Once having passed that level each year, with rare exceptions, saw further gains.


Stephen Magnacca, an army colonel stationed in Brandon during the war, remained in peacetime to become a prominent realtor and building contractor.

In 1949, he petitioned council for the privilege of buying 150 building lots in the west end at a dollar apiece.

This dramatic move brought other bidders into the ring, and in the end, Magnacca secured eighty-one residential building sites for $3,874.

He was back in the news again three years later when he made an offer for a further 200 lots.

The bulk of these were between Twentieth and Twenty-Fourth streets, and McTavish and College avenues.

Magnacca, who later became arguably the most popular mayor the city ever knew, is credited with transforming the former ‘buffalo wallows’ west of Earl Oxford School into an attractive – and suitably well-drained – residential subdivision.

With increased construction came a change in population.

For a number of years before the war, Brandon’s population remained close to the 16,000 level.

Lack of employment forced many young people to leave the city to seek work elsewhere.

By 1941, however, the population had reached 17,888.

Six years later it was 18,801, not a dramatic gain, but an indicator, perhaps, of the modest growth which was to follow.

Between 1947 and 1986 the numbers increased steadily, the figure for the latter year being 38,708.

The Wheat City: A Pictorial History of Brandon by Fred McGuinness



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In the countryside

Lake C Fence photo by Jo-Anne Douglas.jpg

Lake Clementi fence

photograph by Jo-Anne Douglas


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