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Bernie Whetter, owner of  The Green Spot, tells you how to turn your poinsettia into a year-round plant.

The Poinsettia: More than a seasonal plant

Pink Poinsettia The Green Spot

Poinsettia photo: The Green Spot

Unfortunately, in some homes, the poinsettia plant gets pitched when the Christmas tree comes down, usually because it looks pathetic.

Most of the leaves have dropped and just a few small colored bracts remain atop knobby arthritic looking branches.

But, with a little care, your poinsettia can last for months if not for several years.

You can move it out of doors for the summer months and in for the winter.


And with some day length restrictions during September/October, it can be forced into color for the next Christmas season.

Only two conditions need attention to keep your poinsettia healthy: proper watering and proper placement in your home.

When watering, the soil should be moist but not wet and can be allowed to dry slightly between watering.

The plant does not like to sit in water so any excess water should be removed after watering.

It is best to take the plant out of the pot cover or tray, place it in the kitchen sink, water thoroughly and allow it to drain before placing it back in its cover.

A plant that is either too dry or too wet exhibits the same symptoms – limp leaves. Once you see this, act quickly.

Leaving it in either extreme condition too long results in leaf drop.

Poinsettias prefer bright filtered light and room temperature, nothing special.

However, don’t place them near doors or registers or directly in windows where cold drafts are frequent.

Also avoid the tops of fridges and audio or visual equipment where warm air is expelled.

If you do wish to keep your poinsettia for an extended period, be sure to fertilize with an all purpose fertilizer such as 20-20-20.

Follow the instructions on the container. This is a good practice for all house plants.

Improved genetics are making the production and maintenance of poinsettias easier.

New varieties will tolerate cooler a growing temperature which translates to lower energy cost of production.

Root systems are now more durable, meaning they are a little more forgiving for those whose watering practices are sometimes less than desirable.

With these simple common sense practices, your poinsettia can be a healthy living enhancement to your décor.



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Today’s Throwback

9th Street Rosser Avenue Heritage Brandon

Looking east to the corner of 9th Street and Rosser Avenue.

This postcard, showing businesses such as Clement’s Drug Store and Christie’s School Supply, is from approximately 1912.

Source: Peel’s Prairie Provinces, a digital initiative of the University of Alberta Libraries.

photo courtesy of Heritage Brandon


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