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Patrick McGriskin filmmaker

Patrick McGriskin

Today, we present The Musical Director, indie filmmaker Patrick McGriskin’s feature about the founder of Mecca Productions, Lisa Vasconcelos.

Like all of his productions, The Musical Director holds some special memories the filmmaker:

“I have met so many interesting people while making these documentaries and I’m so glad to have been able to tell the tale of Lisa Vasconceles.

She shares her love of musical theatre with children and has created a production house and theatrical school that has produced years of entertainment for Brandon.

Travelling with her and the kids as they go and spread song and creativity to Westman schools was an absolutely amazing experience.

Hearing that little school gym just absolutely fill with their voices, and seeing the kids in the audience get into it and start singing along was so uplifting.

These kids are just having a blast and it can’t help but put a smile on your face.”


Patrick’s interest in filmmaking began when he was creating commercials at the local CKX TV station, in 2007.

“My job was to write the copy, set up the shoot for the camera operator, then edit the result,” he says. “I found the whole process really enjoyable.”

Then, with the station’s closure in 2009, Patrick moved on to attend the Vancouver Film School for Video Game Design.

There he continued to build on his experience of turning words and concepts into a visual presentation.

Returning to Brandon in 2012, Patrick was excited to find a vibrant local film industry. Reconnecting with filmmakers, Shaun Cameron and Nate Bower, who were CKX colleagues, led him to move into making documentaries.

His first movie, Game Knights, an MTS TV Stories From Home production, was launched in February 2013.

“Game Knights is a story about the local gaming convention, PrairieCon, and the community behind it which have made it a success for the over three decades,” Patrick says.

With several docs now produced, Patrick has proven to be a very talented filmmaker.



Lisa Vasconceles has spent her entire life performing on stage. In The Musical Director, she shares her experience and joy with the children of westman.

MTS TV Stories from Home Video on Demand service.

   Directed by Brandon filmmaker, Patrick McGriskin.


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Today’s Throwback

Circus Daly House Museum

Parade on Rosser Avenue featuring an elephant and  chariots c. 1905.

The photograph is taken from the N.E. corner of 9th Street looking west.

Note the man sitting in the telegraph lines watching the parade. – Eileen Trott, curator, Daly House Museum

Source: Magnacca Reseach Centre, Daly House Museum


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If you think you might be deficient in magnesium levels, don’t ignore it – talk to your health care practitioner.



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