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Nate Bower: Living the dream

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Go-getter describes Nate Bower to a T. He began working on his first career at age 10, traveled the world, twelve years later, and now, at age 42, is producing a full-length feature film.

Nate has been working for several months with producers in Los Angeles to make the project happen.

“It’s an action adventure movie that’s a cross between the Hunger Games and Indiana Jones,” he says. “Filming will take place in and around Brandon, over 18 days, and is expected to begin next May.

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The indie filmmaker plans to sign a lead actor with name recognition. This approach can make it easier to capture the interest of the public and distributors.

“We don’t yet know who the lead actor will be, but it’s expected that most of the cast and crew will be from our area.”

As a filmmaker, Nate stays in the background, recording the performers, but, for many years, he performed on centre stage.

After training to become a competitive figure skater in Rivers and Brandon until age 18, Nate headed to the famed Mariposa School of Skating for further coaching.

He competed nationally, then became a skater with Disney Worlds on Ice. In this dream job, he skated with an elite cast of performers and travelled to thirty-three countries. This experience kickstarted his filmmaking career. “While skating with Disney, I became interested in performance, film and video,” Nate says. In 1996, after two years with the company, he left to begin a new adventure.

By 2003, Nate had earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production from the University of Regina and was working in the industry. Nine years later, he started his own production company, Collective Mind Entertainment.

Nate has the right temperament to take on the demands of making a feature film. “I’m that go-to guy who doesn’t crack under pressure,” he says. “I always eat the elephant one bite at a time and stay focused on solutions instead of problems.”

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