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Merchants Bank Building Heritage Site

Merchants Bank Building MB Historic Resources Branch

Originally the Merchants Bank, this building is now home to the Brandon Chamber of Commerce. photo: Manitoba Historic Resources Branch

The stately granite-clad Merchants Bank Building, constructed in 1907, occupies a corner lot on Rosser Avenue at the western end of Brandon’s business core, where several branch banks of this type were located.

Constructed in a period of extraordinary growth in Brandon, the bank represents an important era in the city’s commercial development.

The classically inspired Merchants Bank Building was designed by the Montreal architectural firm of Taylor, Hogle and Davis.


It is a fine, modestly scaled example of Beaux-Arts Classical architecture and a good demonstration of the type of branches Canadian chartered banks built in smaller centres in the early 1900s.

Canada’s Historic Places

The Merchants Bank opened its first Brandon office in 1882, shortly after the townsite was chosen.

The Merchants Bank was absorbed by the Bank of Montreal in 1922.

The building was donated to the City of Brandon and served as the first public library from 1944–83.

The city gave the structure to the Brandon Chamber of Commerce and, following major renovations, it officially reopened in 1986.

The renewal of this graceful structure maintains the distinctive character of the Brandon business district and ensures that the important building boom of the first decade of the twentieth century will be remembered.

Manitoba Historic Resources Branch



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In the countryside

Train photo by Jo-Anne Douglas

Train coming into Brandon from the west

photograph by Jo-Anne Douglas


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Jordan Ludwig, owner, Brandon Business Interiors

Jordan Ludwig, owner, Brandon Business Interiors

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