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Maley House Heritage Site

Maley House when it was a Bed and Breakfast. Today, it is the home of a counselling clinic.

Maley House when it was a Bed and Breakfast. Today, it is the home of a counselling clinic. Photo Source: Manitoba Historic Resources Branch

Maley House, an imposing three-storey residence was built in 1912 on a large corner lot on stately Victoria Avenue.

This is one of Brandon’s most readily recognized dwellings.

The Tudor Revival styling of the brick-veneer and stucco structure graces an elegant neighbourhood developed in the central residential area during the city’s pre-1914 economic boom.


Maley House is a well-executed and, in Brandon, rare example of a grand Tudor Revival-style house.

Designed by W.H. Shillinglaw, the structure features half timbers, crisply defined dark and light patterns, gable ends that rise above mature trees and exquisite interior woodwork.

Its construction helped set the standard for substantial dwellings and quality craftsmanship in a setting where the wide lanes and generous boulevard of Victoria Avenue attracted large homes occupied by the business elite.

Canada’s Historic Places

Built at a cost of $12,500, the home originally belonged to Henry Fitzgibbon Maley, founder and president of the Brandon Brewing and Bottling Company.

Maley also served as city alderman and as director of the Brandon Baseball Club.

He lost the house four years after it was built when prohibition spelled the end of the brewing business.

Dr. Henry MacDiarmid purchased the property at that time and it remained in the MacDiarmid family for two generations.

The three-storey home’s unique appearance can be attributed to the combination of European, Tudor, and Gingerbread styles.

The Tudor styling, expressed in half timbers and dramatic play of dark and light patterns, was a popular architectural expression of the era.

The spacious interior includes an ornate staircase constructed in quarter cut oak. Wood detailing of exquisite craftsmanship can also be found throughout the house.

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A slice of cityscape

Casa Maley Weiming Zhao

Casa Maley

1605 Victoria Avenue

Artist: Weiming Zhao


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