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Lorne Terrace

Lorne Terrace MB Heritage Resources Branch

Lorne Terrace, built in 1892 by Bell Brothers Construction Company, is one of Manitoba’s finest 19th century terrace houses. photo: Manitoba Historic Resources Branch

Lorne Terrace, a 2 1/2-storey brick-veneer structure, is a large multiple-family dwelling in Brandon’s downtown residential area and one of the oldest.

Built in 1892, the row house is set on a corner lot in a neighbourhood filled with heritage homes.

Lorne Terrace is a well-preserved and rare example of a late-nineteenth century terrace or row house, an early form of multiple-family housing soon supplanted by apartment blocks.

The quality of workmanship and attention to detail in the brickwork and finishing touches, are noteworthy in rental housing from that era.


Such features reflect the reputation of the contractor, the Bell Brothers Construction Co., and their expectation that Brandon’s growth would generate a demand for this class of accommodation.

The Bell Brothers, Brandon’s largest contractors for 30 years, were responsible for many of the community’s finest residential and commercial buildings.

Lorne Terrace was originally a boarding residence for their workers, who were employed on a series of nearby projects during the building boom preceding World War I.

Canada’s Historic Places

In the 1880s and 1890s Manitoba was introduced to the terrace house, an innovative facility that combined several addresses in what would appear to be a very large house.

A hundred years later, most of these buildings are gone, but Brandon can boast of the best remaining collection in the province.

Lorne Terrace is one of the finest.

Manitoba Heritage Resources Branch

In 1918, Lorne Terrace was converted into an eight suite apartment block and later, in 1979, converted into a fourteen suite unit.

The Bell Brothers were the most prominent building contractors in early Brandon and were noted for their use of high quality materials and fine workmanship.

The company constructed both private and public buildings and at one time, employed over 40 workers.

This Italianate style structure was built with bricks from the first kiln in Brandon at McVicar’s Brick yard.

Lorne Terrace features such decorative elements as a raised band of brick encircling and forming arches above the windows.

The peak of each gable is highlighted with elaborately patterned brickwork including an infilled arch known as a blind arch.

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