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 Lindsay Hargreaves: Walking the ‘green’ walk

Lindsay Hargreaves

Lindsay Hargreaves, City of Brandon Environmental Initiatives Coordinator

Talk about waste reduction to elementary students and you lose their attention.

Turn it into the hands-on, Waste Reduction School Challenge and you have their undivided attention.

The three week program makes learning about environmental stewardship fun.

The  challenge takes place in October during Waste Reduction Week. Classrooms compete for prizes by earning points for waste reduction activities.

These include collecting, separating, and measuring the amount of waste generated in the classroom.

Through this friendly competition students learn that material they might think of as garbage can be composted or recycled.

It’s not surprising the program has proven to be a hit with teachers as well as students.

City of Brandon Environmental Initiatives coordinator, Lindsay Hargreaves, who developed the program, has worked hard to ensure the in-class activity ties in with the school curriculum and is professionally presented.

Lindsay has steadily moved environmental initiatives forward since beginning her professional career in Brandon in 2007.


A commitment to environmental sustainability led Lindsay to complete an Environmental Assessment and Restoration diploma at Lethbridge College.

She then earned a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture degree, majoring in Environmental Science, from the University of Saskatchewan.

Lindsay is also a certified Environmental Professional (EP) in sustainability. The EP designation formally recognizes and verifies environmental skills and knowledge, establishing professional credibility at a national level.

Guided by the City’s Environmental Strategic Plan, Lindsay works on community and corporate objectives.

On the corporate side, her duties include developing a brownfield policy and co-chairing the Water Conservation Committee.

She started a ‘green team’ made up of city employees to look at making city internal operations more sustainable.

In the community, she added the day-long Enviro Expo, that’s become a ‘hot ticket item’ for students and teachers.

“We designed the workshops to help connect the environmental issues students learn in the classroom with the environmental initiatives taking place in our community,” Lindsay says.

Lindsay’s leadership in maintaining a strong environmental sustainability presence in both the City’s operations and the community will only increase as she continues to advance the aims of Brandon’s Environmental Strategic Plan.



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