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Keep road workers safe: slow down

2612 WCB SAFE Roads

All workers need to feel safe in their workplaces and those who happen to share our roadways as their workplace are no different. – Mayor Rick Chrest. photo: Safe Roads Manitoba

Manitoba’s 2016 SAFE Roads campaign kicked off on May 17 with a message to motorists:

Reduce speed and be cautious when driving through construction zones and passing workers.

Drivers are reminded to be considerate of workers’ increased presence on roadways during the summer construction season.

“As a municipal government serving the public, we know that many of the City of Brandon’s front-line employees are working on and around busy streets on a regular basis,” says Brandon Mayor Rick Chrest.


“All workers need to feel safe in their workplaces and those who happen to share our roadways as their workplace are no different.

We all have a responsibility to stay vigilant when driving through construction zones or when approaching traffic scenes involving first responders.”

Dan Robertson, Brandon Regional Office Director with the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba, stresses the preventable nature of all road-related injuries and deaths.

“At the WCB, we see the effects of workplace fatalities involving road work in Manitoba, and we know they’re preventable,” says Robertson.

“Simply by slowing down when driving through construction zones and passing workers, we can prevent further injuries and loss of life.”

The campaign asks motorists to play a part in keeping workers safe by making the choice to drive safely and respectfully, a message that seems to be getting through.

“Our research shows that 84 per cent of people who are aware of the SAFE Roads campaign become more considerate, empathetic and understanding of workers and their designated work zones,” says Chris Lorenc, President of the Manitoba Heavy Construction Association and Chair of the SAFE Roads Committee.

Safe Roads Manitoba



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