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‘Jobs in Brandon’ website launched

Human Resources

New website makes it easier for Brandon and area businesses to connect with prospective employees.

The ability for Brandon and area businesses to connect with prospective employees was strengthened on July 27 with the launch by the City’s Economic Development Department, of a free ‘Jobs in Brandon’ website.

In addition to allowing job seekers to search available postings by various job categories, the site,, also allows them to build a personal profile.

This enables businesses to take notice and contact job seekers directly, and also provides for ‘fast job alerts’ to be sent directly to their email inbox.

“In our many conversations with local businesses and with the Brandon Chamber of Commerce’s Work Force Development Committee, we’ve consistently heard that one of the greatest barriers in attracting skilled applicants from across Canada has been getting potential candidates to see the depth and breadth of services available in Brandon,” says Sandy Trudel, City of Brandon Director of Economic Development.

“We believe that having career opportunity and quality-of-life information accessible on the same website, we will increase the likelihood that candidates apply for an advertised Brandon position.”

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Trudel stresses that the ‘Jobs in Brandon’ site is meant to augment, not replace, the current methods of job advertising used by area businesses, and encourages businesses to add it to their recruitment toolbox.

“Hosting the job site within Economic Development Brandon’s website was strategic, in that we are now better able to sell the ‘Brandon Advantage’ to skilled and specialized workers considering a relocation,” Trudel says.

“By pooling job postings in one Brandon-centric location while simultaneously answering the ‘life outside of work’ questions, the stronger the chances are that individuals will relocate.”

The job site is limited to the posting of jobs available within Brandon’s Census Metropolitan Area (which includes Brandon and RMs of Cornwallis and Elton) in order to strengthen Brandon marketing efforts and to ensure an accurate capture of data from within the local labour market.

“In our most recent Business Climate Survey, employers continued to identify labour as their biggest business challenge,” says Terry Burgess, President of the Brandon Chamber of Commerce.

“Additional tools that can aid recruitment efforts by helping connect local businesses with potential employees, while promoting the many benefits of Brandon as a great place to live and work, is a welcomed resource.”

The ‘Jobs in Brandon’ web portal can also be accessed through



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