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Jackson House Heritage Site

Jackson House Manitoba Heritage Branch

Jackson House, 339 Victoria Avenue. photo: Manitoba Heritage Branch

A 1903 date of construction, coupled with the two-storey, traditional Queen Anne style architecture, contribute to the stately aesthetic of the Jackson House, and to its Victoria Avenue neighbourhood.

This home displays the detail and grandeur found some of the finer homes built in Brandon during this period.

The Queen Anne style architecture of the building features a light wood frame, with wood siding and wood shingles on the exterior walls.

The walls also feature columns and pediments, along with an open verandah, and enclosed second-storey balcony.

The gable-shaped roof features wall dormer windows, along with a pent extension.

The interior retains a variety of original features, such as a fireplace, wood floors, moulding, and fixtures.

It is part of the grand historical neighborhood that exists on Victoria Avenue between Second Street and Ninth Street.

The home was built for barrister George B. Coleman. Coleman, a partner in the firm Coldwell, Coleman & Noble, resided there until 1919.

It is also valued for its connection to Oscar L. Harwood, who lived there from 1920 to 1945, and Marjorie Elliot Jackson, who owned the house from 1945-1974.


Born in Woodstock, Ontario in 1881, Oscar Harwood moved to Brandon at the age of 17. Four years later, he opened an insurance and real estate office.

He was active in community affairs, being a member of the Board of Trade, the Manitoba Winter Fair, and the Brandon General Hospital.

In 1937, Harwood was appointed by the provincial government as Supervisor of the City of Brandon to oversee the financial affairs when the city defaulted on its bonds.

He enabled the city to get back to a sound financial position before he died in 1945.

Marjorie Elliott Jackson, who was born in Alexander in 1912, was a graduate of the Brandon General Hospital School of Nursing.

In 1942 she was stationed in Britain at a burn and plastic surgery centre.  In 1944, she became the matron in charge of an all-Canadian personnel wing, which treated those who suffered burns or disfigurement during the war.

Jackson designed a recovery program which included integrating the wounded back into the local community.

In a ceremony at Buckingham Palace she was awarded the Associate Royal Red Cross for her war services.

In 1948 she became the Director of Nursing at Brandon General Hospital, and held the position until retirement in 1974.

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A slice of cityscape past

Watts Feb 23 Weiming Zhao

Watt’s Men’s Wear Store

 Do you remember Watt’s Men’s Wear Store on Princess Avenue in Brandon?

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