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ACC education assistant program Assiniboine Community College

Four of the eighteen Education Assistant program students and an instructor. photo: Assiniboine Community College

In partnership with Waywayseecappo First Nation, Assiniboine Community College is offering a significant  professional development opportunity in the community.

Most of the eighteen students in the Education Assistant certificate program are already working as education assistants.

“This way they can get a college credential to provide better education for the next generation of Aboriginal students,” says Wayne Jacobsen, Chairperson for Health and Human Services at Assiniboine Community College.

Education assistants have a vital role in classrooms, working closely with those students struggling with a physical or learning challenge.

“Employers have already seen a change in how the program’s students are performing their jobs on a daily basis and how they interact with their students,” says Jackie McKee, Finance Officer at Waywayseecappo First Nation.

“With this training, these people will be able to apply for jobs off-reserve as they will be fully qualified,” says Colleen Clearsky, Director of Education for Waywayseecappo First Nation.

“The training gives them more opportunities to work in other areas.”


Graduates find employment as classroom assistants in primary, middle and senior years schools, direct aides for students with disabilities, social service agency youth workers, and private assistants for children requiring extra help.

“These students are a testament that you are never too old to go back to school,” Clearsky says.

“Their children and grandchildren see that a person can also work full-time and take evening courses at the college level.”

“They become role models for the community and for others who want to go into Education.”

The program started in mid-September 2015 and will finish in December 2016.

It is funded by Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada’s Post-Secondary Partnership Program.

Assiniboine Community College


Today’s Throwback

Rosser Avenue 1906 Heritage Brandon

Looking west down Rosser Avenue c. 1906.

On the right is the Empire Hotel which stood at 737 Rosser Avenue.

(Source: Peel’s Prairie Provinces, a digital initiative of the University of Alberta Libraries)

photo courtesy of Heritage Brandon


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Iris Sokol demonstrates some easy stretches for your neck and shoulders.

This series of neck and shoulder stretches help alleviate tension in the upper back.

Remember, that should always feel good, and if your body hurts while you stretch it means you are stretching too far and need to back out of it.

If you have any body issues or health problems, please consult with your doctor before you try these, or any other type of exercises.



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