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Daly House Museum Heritage Site

Daly House gazebo Daly House Museum

Daly House Museum Victorian Garden. photo: Daly House Museum

Daly House small Daly House Museum

Daly House photo: Daly House Museum

Daly House is a large 2 1/2 – storey brick-veneer residence located at 122 18th Street.

A municipal heritage site, it is the only pre-1900 building remaining on 18th Street.

This structure is operated as an important community facility, the Daly House Museum.

Heritage Value

Daly House was built for Thomas Mayne Daly (1852 – 1911).

He was Brandon’s first lawyer and mayor

the first Manitoba representative in the federal cabinet and

Canada’s first juvenile court judge, appointed by the federal government in 1909.


The building, one of the oldest houses in Brandon, is a relatively intact example of a substantial early home built for a community leader.

The design emphasizes practical permanence rather than ornamentation.

This is reflected in the restrained exterior detailing and the spacious, but utilitarian interior.

Key elements that define the mixed Italianate styling of the Daly House include:

its simple rectangular plan augmented by a front pavilion containing a bay window and with a steeply pitched, complex roofline.

It features a truncated hipped roof with prominent hipped dormers on the front and both sides and two brick chimneys

Key elements that define the interior character of the house include:

a centre-hall plan with modestly sized rooms and very high ceilings

original fir wood trim, unpretentious and substantial, used on doors, door and window frames, baseboards

details such as the original radiators throughout.

wainscotting along the stairway, an arched passageway in the second-floor hall

brick fireplace with a modest mantel and a brass rail in the parlour

original oak flooring in the parlour and master bedroom

Canada’s Historic Places

The original portion of this building was constructed in 1882 during Brandon’s first decade of settlement for the city’s first mayor, Thomas Mayne Daly.

The architect firm for the building was McCoskie & Co.

In 1896, Daly sold the home to his law partner, George R. Coldwell.

Coldwell and his family resided here for over thirty years and were responsible for the third floor addition.

A final extension and other renovations were made from 1928 to 1972 when the home was occupied by The Maples children’s home.

In 1976 the address was purchased by Brandon Museum Inc. and opened two years later as the Daly House Museum.

Heritage Brandon



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