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Create a garden of lilies

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photos: The Ultimate Guide to Cold Climate Gardening

People have been growing and breeding lilies for over 5,000 years.

• Lilies are available in a large variety colours, shapes and sizes and are to be planted in full sun.

• They grow exceptionally well in Manitoba.

• Most lilies bloom from mid-spring to early fall depending upon the variety.

• They can be planted in spring or in the fall. A wider selection is usually available in the spring.


• Lilies are an excellent cut flower: each blossom often living for up to 8 days.

When cutting for indoors, be sure to leave some of the stem and leaves intact on the plant to help the plant store food for the next year’s flowers.

• When storing lily bulbs do not let them dry out – use moist peat moss or sawdust to keep them fresh.

Asiatic Lilies: Native to central and west Asia.

They have trumpet shaped, upward facing flowers and bloom in early summer.

Their 4 to 6 in flowers come in different colours. Height 2 to 5 ft (60-150 cm).

Oriental Lilies: Late flowering and considered the most spectacular of all lily hybrids.

These lilies are also very fragrant. Many have several flower heads.

Extra protection recommended over winter.

Tiger Lilies: These are of the oldest and widely grown lilies.

They have outward facing flowers set on a long branching stem.

They produce numerous pendulous flowers spotted with purple on the lower parts of the petal.

Stems are black and have large quantities of purple bulbils, produced in the leafaxils.

These bloom July to September, and grow 24 to 60 in (60 to 150 em).

Trumpet Lilies: These are fragrant and can grow up to 5 ft (1.5 m).

Extra protection recommended over winter.

Species Lilies: Native to China, they have unique blooms with reflexed petals. Height up to 6 ft (1.8 m).

The Ultimate Guide to Cold Climate Gardening by Bernie Whetter, owner of The Green Spot



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