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CPR Station Heritage Site

CPR station Westman Immigrant Services

Brandon’s iconic CPR Station is now home to Westman Immigrant Services. Photo source: Westman Immigrant Services

The [former] Canadian Pacific Railway Station at Brandon is a two-storey, Beaux-Arts style railway station built in 1911-1912.

It is located at the northern edge of the city of Brandon’s original centre.

The Canadian Pacific Railway Station (CPR) illustrates Brandon’s important position both within the economy of western Canada and within the western section of the CPR.


As a divisional point on the CPR main line, Brandon became an administrative, freight, and repair headquarters for both the main line and regional branch lines.

It grew to be a major city by virtue of the railway and the railway-dependent industry and commerce that developed in the rich agricultural hinterland of Southwestern Manitoba.

The Brandon railway station typifies the Beaux-Arts style in its rigorous symmetry, classical detailing, careful siting, and monumental presence.

Canada’s Historic Places

The Canadian Pacific Railway Station in Brandon is among the three largest and most impressive CPR stations still existing in Manitoba.

These kinds of stations, denoted First Class by the company, were located at important business and divisional points, and were intended to symbolize the company’s wealth and sophistication.

The choice of the Beaux-Arts classical style for Brandon’s 1911 station, executed in grey stone and buff brick, indicates the expectation of Brandon’s importance as a principal city of the province.

This building is a Manitoba Provincial Heritage Site.

Manitoba Historic Resources Branch

The former CPR Station is now home to Westman Immigrant Services.

WIS is a community based charitable organization that assists immigrants and new Canadians by providing three core services:

English as an Additional Language (EAL) classes

Settlement Services

Brandon Community Language Centre Interpreter services.

Westman Immigrant Services partners with other organizations to provide expertise in addressing service gaps for immigrants within the broader community.

Economic Development Brandon


Today’s Throwback

CPR station Mary Hume Brandon A Prospect of a City

First CPR Station

Pacific Avenue c. 1885

CPR Station c 1894

Second Brandon CPR Station, three colour postcard

Pacific Avenue, c. 1895

Railway Station on Pacific Weiming Zhao

Third Brandon CPR Station

Pacific Avenue, built in 1911

A Brandon Railway Station then and the Westman Immigrant Services now on Pacific Avenue of Brandon.

How fitting it is to convert the railway station of Brandon into an immigrant services centre.


Standing on Pacific Avenue and painting for two hours under the expansive prairie sky on this quiet Sunday afternoon, I could almost feel the pulse of the distant pioneers and the beating hearts of new immigrants as they make their very first steps on their life changing journey.

Chatted with a lady who works for Immigrant Service Centre and I put her figure there as she walked towards the doorway.

– Weiming Zhao



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