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City planning for First Nation Urban Development Areas

Long Plain First Nation Economic Development Brandon

First Nation Urban Development Area in Portage La Prairie. Image: Economic Development Brandon presentation

First Nation Urban Development Areas are emerging as successful aboriginal economic generators across western Canada.

The City of Brandon is now working to ensure that a First Nation pursuing development opportunities within the municipality is set on a path to economic success.

Through an established federal process, a First Nation acquiring land in an urban centre can apply for reserve status on the land.

With status approval the group can create of a First Nation Urban Development Area (FNUDA).

This has become a popular option for aboriginal business development across Canada in recent years, particularly in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

“As one of City Council’s 10 strategic priorities focuses on community and social inclusion, we recognize the potential that First Nation Urban Development Areas hold for the Aboriginal community and we welcome the opportunity,” says Mayor Rick Chrest.

“We know the appetite for these types of aboriginal economic development areas is out there, so our priority is to ensure we, along with the community, understand the role a municipality plays in the success of First Nation Urban Development Areas.”

The Mayor says that interest in Brandon shown by First Nation groups has spurred City administration to publish a series of informational documents on its website, and to research best practices for Municipal Services Development Agreements.


These agreements are the legal mechanism used to set out the expectations for development and municipal service delivery for the identified lands.

Another important piece to the City’s work in understanding FNUDA’s is a partnership with the Brandon Urban Aboriginal Peoples’ Council to offer in-depth training on Indigenous Awareness to key stakeholders who would play a role in such potential partnerships.

The City’s support of FNUDA’s is also in alignment with a Memorandum of Understanding on Aboriginal Economic Success signed by the two parties earlier this summer.

“The Brandon Urban Aboriginal Peoples’ Council is currently developing an Aboriginal Economic Strategic Plan, with one of our goals being to encourage the economic participation of Aboriginal people in Brandon and surrounding areas,” says Brandon Urban Aboriginal Peoples’ Council Chair Leah LaPlante.

“As such, BUAPC welcomes the City of Brandon’s proactive work when it comes to better understanding First Nation Urban Development Areas.”

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