Overcrowded schools nothing new for Brandon

First Central School Heritage Brandon

First Central School photo source: Heritage Brandon

Central School Addition

Side View Central School (R) with addition (L)

In 1881, the Brandon Protestant School Board constructed Central School, a two-storey brick school along the 100 block of Tenth Street.

It opened for classes in February 1882.

The school was quickly overcrowded, so a two-storey brick addition was built two years later.


Towards the end of the eighties, citizens began to complain loudly about crowded conditions in the school.

In 1884 the primary room held 102 pupils.

In 1889 there were 492 children and only 426 seats from them to sit in.

The school board had to rent part of Knox Presbyterian Hall to deal with the overflow.

In 1891, a new school was built on Lorne Avenue between Fifth and Sixth streets, to replace Central school. It was called New Central School

The older building was used by the Brandon School Board until 1903 when it was sold to the firm of Hughes & Company.

The original part of the building was demolished to make way for construction of the Strathcona Block along Tenth Street.

However, the 1883 addition remained as an attachment to the block.

It is visible today from Eleventh Street.

Central School addition - today

Central School addition today.

Source: Gordon Goldsborough

The Old Central School’s original bell, which was used as a centennial project years later, is now located at the Brandon School Division Office on 6th Street.



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Today’s Throwback

Veterans Marching Daly House Museum

 Veterans marching down Rosser Avenue in the Coronation Day Parade May 17, 1937.

Businesses pictured on North side of the street include:

Tip Top Tailors,  Dr. Jacob, dentist, Chrest Shoes, and Campbell & Campbell, complete house furnishers.

The photograph was taken by Brandon photographer Jerrett’s Photo. – Eileen Trott, curator, Daly House Museum

Source: Magnacca Research Centre, Daly House Museum

Jordan Ludwig, owner, Brandon Business Interiors

Jordan Ludwig, owner, Brandon Business Interiors

Here are some tips on positioning courtesy of Allseating: 

The key to keying

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While keying, keep your arms at right angles (aim for 90 degrees) and close to your body.

Your wrists should be straight so you don’t see any wrinkles.

Keep your mouse close to the keyboard – preferably on a mousing platform – to minimize reaching.

Monitoring your posture

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Align your monitor so it’s centered between your shoulder blades and positioned about an arm’s length away from your face.

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Concourse private office 2 Brandon Business Interiors.jpg

Concourse Private Office Layout 2

• Concourse uses refined materials that include laminated wood, powder-coated metal, polished/ plated/anodized aluminum, and glass to provide residential warmth and sophistication.
• An extensive amount of architectural grade aluminum extrusions and aluminum die-cast components are utilized.