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Brandon, horse capital of Canada

Stallion show sale The Wheat City: A Pictorial History of Brandon

Stallion Show and Sale, Brandon’s City Square, 1891. photo: The Wheat City: A Pictorial History of Brandon.

Weir's Livery Daly House Museum

In the city, the livery stable rented out horse-drawn vehicles to those who did not keep their own. Weir’s Livery Stable, 121-123 9th Street. Owner: Archie Weir. photo: Daly House Museum 

Brandon’s success as a ‘jumping-off point’ for settling families resulted in the community developing a continent-wide reputation for the quality and the number of its horse sales.

While no pioneer would knock the motive-power potential of a span of oxen, they were, at the best of times, intractable brutes known mainly for their resistance to training.

They soon fell from favour and were replaced by sturdy ‘farm chunks’ whose bloodlines stemmed from Old Country breeds such as the Belgian, Clydesdale, and Percheron.

Before the winter fair was organized, Brandon was the scene of a major annual horse show, widely known as the Stallion Show and Sale, held each year on the grounds of the first city hall at Ninth Street and Princess Avenue.

This event was of such prominence no one thought it unusual that it was held on the city-hall lawn.


Within a few years the horse events, which attracted buyers from as far away as Chicago, gave Brandon one of its first nicknames, ‘The Horse Capital of Canada.’

The Wheat City: A Pictorial History of Brandon by Fred McGuinness

Brandon in 1886 had twenty-three livery stables, and a larger number of men than this made a living as horse dealers.

Brandon was the ideal location for horseman and prospective buyer to make a deal.

One of Brandon’s early horsemen, Beecham Trotter, travelled to Scotland, France, and Belgium to personally select the horses he knew would be bought by Manitoba farmers.

Among the owners of the three dominant breeds, the Clydesdale, the Percheron, and the Belgian, there was keen rivalry at the horse fairs.

Tensions comparable to those at a crucial hockey game prevailed during the judging competitions.

The announcement of the judges’ decision was greeted by wild cheering from the benches of the winning breed’s supporters.

Brandon: A Prospect of a City by Mary Hume



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A slice of cityscape

 Brandon Central Fire Station photo by Jo-Anne Douglas

Former Brandon Central Fire Station


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