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Brandon Flying Club, 1929-1939

Brandon Flying Club Brandon A Pospect of a City

Tiger Moths used by BFC instructors to train RCAF pilots in 1939. photo: Brandon A Prospect of A City

Aviation became a reality in Brandon in September of 1929 when a group of interested citizens obtained a charter to establish the Brandon Aero Association.

They sold shares at $100 each and purchased some acreage on First Street North.

They acquired an Avro Avion biplane, engaged a young flyer from Winnipeg, W. A. Catton, as flying instructor and air engineer, and were in business.

The venture folded in 1934, but a year later a new group established The Brandon Flying Club, with C. E. Leech as its first president.

The Club gained such a favourable reputation for the high calibre of pilots it was turning out that it was selected the first club in Canada to train pilots for the Royal Canadian Air Force.


In the summer of 1939 the first class of trainees arrived, and the Tiger Moths shown in the above photo were the first aircraft used.

pilot officers Brandon A Prospect of a City

The first Provisional Pilot Officers to be trained in Brandon for the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1939 are shown here with their instructors C. E. Leech, left and ‘Mac’ Mclean, right.

Two members of this class, Squadron leader ‘Bob’ Morrow (centre) and Wing Commander ‘Granny’ Morris (at Morrow’s left) distinguished themselves in the Battle of Britain during World War II.

Both received the Distinguished Flying Cross.

In 1941 when the British Commonwealth Air Training Station was established five miles north of the Club’s field, civil flying operations had to be suspended until after the war.

Brandon: A Prospect of A City by Mary Hume



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Tiger moth CATP Museum

Tiger Moth

refuelling at dawn, No. 12 Service Flying Training School, Brandon, c. 1941

photo: Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum


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