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We pass by, some of us every day, without stopping to think about the building standing proudly beside Rideau Personal Care Home.

This distinctive building has every reason to be proud – it is truly a survivor.

The Brandon Court House and Jail Heritage Site

Brandon Court House and Jail

View from the northeast elevation of the Brandon Court House and Jail, 2005

The grand Brandon Court House and Jail, with its fine Italianate detailing and intricate brickwork, is the oldest remaining court house on the Prairies.

Built as the headquarters of the newly created Western Judicial District, this facility cemented Brandon’s importance as a major regional centre in Manitoba.

The sturdy structure, designed by C. Osborn Wickenden, proved well-adapted to its roles over the decades.

Remodelled solely for jail use in 1910, it served as a detention centre until 1979.

Court House side door

View of the north side door detail on the Brandon Court House and Jail, 2005

It continues in institutional use, its lofty second-floor courtroom now functioning as meeting space for the Rideau Park Personal Care Home.

This handsome Italianate-inspired brick structure built in 1883, is a provincially designated site.

It is perched impressively on a piece of land with an expansive view of the northerly Assiniboine River valley.

Court House detail

View of the cornice and brickwork detail on the Brandon Court House, Brandon, 2005

The renovated court house-jail is now a dominant feature of Rideau Park Personal Care Home, an adjoining modern low-rise complex that faces south to Victoria Avenue.

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Cape Cod Kitchen Island The Green Spot home and garden

Cape Cod Kitchen Island

• The Green Spot’s distinctive furniture is imported from Indonesia.
• Its warm and slightly  weathered appearance adds character and charm to every interior, from rustic cottages to modern homes.
• This solid wood furniture is made from naturally felled trees, so it is ecologically produced.

A slice of cityscape

200 -10th Street Weiming Zhao

200 Block, 10th Street

Artist: Weiming Zhao


On the Train2 Lasting Image

Non glare glass is a beautiful thing!

Corey Calverly, co-owner, Hedley's Health Hut

Corey Calverly, co-owner, Hedley’s Health Hut

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Getting consistent nutritional support can help us get through unexpected or prolonged stressful periods.

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