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Brandon College, Clark Hall Heritage Site

Clark Hall Original Building Brandon University

Clark Hall and the Original Building, Brandon University campus. photo: Brandon University

Brandon College (1900-01) and the adjoining Clark Hall (1905-06), comprise a 3 1/2-storey brick and stone complex overlooking Brandon’s 18th Street.

Their integrated facades occupy a central location on the Brandon University campus, surrounded by later-vintage facilities and linked to the library by a west addition and skywalk.

Brandon College and Clark Hall are exemplary educational facilities from the early 1900s recalling the foundational role played by religious communities in developing Manitoba’s post-secondary institutions.

It was the Baptist Union of Western Canada which pioneered higher education in western Manitoba, leading to the establishment of Brandon College in 1899, once affiliated with Ontario’s McMaster University and the University of Manitoba.

The institution’s first purpose-built facility, Brandon College, planned by Winnipeg architect Hugh McCowan, is an imposing Romanesque Revival edifice with a handsome tower.

The attached Clark Hall, designed by Brandon architect W.A. Elliott as a women’s residence, is equally well-appointed with a more subdued tower and careful use of materials creating an almost seamless match between the two buildings.

The complex has remained a centre of campus life over the decades, including through the college’s transformations to non-denominational status (late 1930s) and an independent university (1967).

The facility also is a landmark that symbolizes the long-standing contribution of higher education to Brandon’s development.

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Brandon College 1901 Heritage Brandon

Brandon College, 1901

Although resembling other educational structures being constructed in Winnipeg during this period, Brandon College was a somewhat larger, more dignified and distinctive structure.


Built of locally produced brick and Manitoba limestone, this imposing edifice displays a handsome Romanesque tower with graceful arches and small turrets at each corner.

Manitoba Historic Resources Branch

photo source: Albertype Company/Library and Archives Canada/PA-032699

photo courtesy of Heritage Brandon



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