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Brandon Citizen’s Science Building Heritage Site

Citizen's Science Building MB Heritage BranchHeritage Branch

The Knowles Douglas Student Union Centre (KDC), originally known as Brandon Citizen’s Science Building.

The Brandon Citizens’ Science Building, with its strong vertical massing and sober brick facades, is a good example of Late Gothic architecture in Manitoba. 

It recalls enduring efforts by the Baptist Union of Western Canada to make post-secondary education available to the rapidly growing population in western Manitoba from the 1880s onward.


Designed by Brandon architect David Marshall, the building’s subdued Collegiate Gothic styling is characterized by minimally decorated surfaces, a steep roofline and crenellated entranceway.

The facility is an important link to the origins of Brandon University, in particular Brandon College, established with Baptist support in 1899.

The science building was central to that development.

Together with Brandon College and Clark Hall, this building has remained a focal point of campus life as well as an architectural and historical landmark in Brandon.

Canada’s Historic Places

The Brandon Hall wing of the Knowles-Douglas Student Centre was constructed as the Brandon Citizen’s Science Building in 1922–23.

The building was to have been part of a larger science complex, but further construction was halted due to financial constraints at that time.

Built of locally produced brick and Manitoba limestone, Brandon Hall is the third of Brandon University’s three original buildings.

In contrast to the Romanesque styling of Brandon College and Clark Hall, the Science Building’s Late-Gothic style, with its steep pointed roof and strong vertical features, make the structure seem taller than its three-and-half storeys and, as a result, the building fronts onto 18th Street with considerable prominence.

It was financed through private subscriptions in Brandon and throughout western Canada.

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SC jewellery The Cinnamon Tree

Simon Chang

In the countryside

Trees photo by Jo-Anne Douglas


near Douglas, Manitoba

photograph by Jo-Anne Douglas


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