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Spins and Needles

Bill and Sue-On Hillman, in their home music studio

Bill and Sue-On Hillman, in their home music studio.

In 2012, Ja-On Hillman moved his business to the Crawford Block. His father, well-known musician, Bill Hillman, also had a connection to the building:

Music and Massage

Our son Ja-On’s decision to expand his Reactive Massage Therapy Centre into the Crawford block, triggered some fond memories of yesteryear.

Back in the mid-50s one of my consuming interests was music.

A favourite haunt was the P.A. Kennedy Music store, which featured a large display room of radios, music equipment and a great stock of current hit records.


The most intriguing part of the store for me, however, was the area containing listening booths where music enthusiasts could listen to records before buying them.

Kennedy Block aka Crawford Block, circa 1970

Kennedy Block aka Crawford Block, circa 1970

Where the listening booths once stood is now the entrance to rows of massage treatment rooms.

There is still music in these rooms, although a bit more relaxing than Blue Suede Shoes.

Needles are still to be found, but for a much different use in Dr. Li’s adjacent acupuncture rooms.

As a wide-eyed kid back in the ’50s I could never have imagined the changes wrought by my number-one son 50 years later.

Bill Hillman



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Jordan Ludwig, owner, Brandon Business Interiors

Jordan Ludwig, owner, Brandon Business Interiors

Today, we offer neck and shoulder stretches, courtesy of Allseating, to help alleviate tension in the upper back caused when seated at your workstation.

Ideally, for every hour of sitting, you should get up and walk around the floor where you work for a few minutes.

This helps to break up the muscular tension that can build from static postures.

Another great thing to do for your body is to stretch during the day and we’ve asked Iris Sokol, ergonomist and health and wellness expert, to demonstrate how to do that right at your workstation, and you don’t even leave your chair!


Iris Sokol demonstrates some easy stretches for your neck and shoulders.

This series of neck and shoulder stretches help alleviate tension in the upper back.

Remember, that should always feel good, and if your body hurts while you stretch it means you are stretching too far and need to back out of it.

If you have any body issues or health problems, please consult with your doctor before you try these, or any other type of exercises.



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Concourse Private Office Layout 2

• Concourse uses refined materials that include laminated wood, powder-coated metal, polished/ plated/anodized aluminum, and glass to provide residential warmth and sophistication.