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3 fancy easy-to-grow indoor plants

Pink bromeliad The Green Spot

Silver Vase bromeliad


This is a wonderfully rewarding houseplant with exotic flowers that will last for months.

There are many varieties to choose from.

The most common variety grows in rosettes of large leaves around a central cup.

The leaves arise from the centre cup as do the flowers.

The Silver Vase bromeliad produces a spectacular flower.


Once it has finished blooming, the mother plant will produce ‘pups’ which should be removed from the mother when they are about 8 inches tall and planted up separately.

The new plant will eventually bloom again.

Keep the soil around the bromeliad moist but not wet.

Light level: Place in bright, indirect sunlight.

Flamingo Flower indoor gardening

Anthurium Flamingo Flower

Anthurium have arrow-shaped, shiny, dark green leaves.

This is one plant that is almost always in bloom, with each flower lasting up to six weeks.

The flowers are set in a waxy, heart-shaped spathe.

They recover easily if dried out and actually prefer to get dry between waterings.

Overwatering will encourage root rot and death.

They do best in an organic rich soil. It harbours very few pest problems.

Flowers can be red, pink, salmon, pale yellow, green and orange.

Light Level: Will take as much light as you can provide it with, but not direct sunlight.

Lower light levels will slow down or cease flower production.

Peace Lily The Green Spot

Spathiphyllum Peace Lily

Peace Lily is a tough plant that is very resilient.

It can handle a fair amount of neglect and is a great houseplant for ‘brown thumbs.’

It’s on the top ten list of air-cleaning plants, breaking down formaldehyde and carbon monoxide.

Keep it moderately moist. It will tell you when it needs water by its drooping leaves, which will bounce back quickly following a watering.

Grows 24 to 40 in (60 to 100 cm) tall and sends up a lovely white flower in spring and again in fall.

Light Level: Will survive low interior light but would prefer bright filtered light.

The Peace Lily should not be placed in direct sun or it will burn.

An east, west, or shaded south facing window is ideal.

The Ultimate Guide to Cold Climate Gardening by Bernie Whetter, owner of The Green Spot



Pink Plant The Green Spot

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