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Brandon ‘Flats’ Flood of 1922

The ‘flats’ refers to the Assiniboine River floodplane from 18th Street to First Street in Brandon on either side of the Assiniboine river.

Two buildings 1922 flood Daly House Museum.jpg

Assiniboine River Flood, 1922

Photo taken from the bend in the river at First Street.

Houses 1922 flood Daly House Museum.jpg

Assiniboine River Flood, 1922

Houses in the Assiniboine floodplane.

Source: Magnacca Research Centre, Daly House Museum

In his book, Brandon: A City, G.F. Barker offered this colourful account of the dramatic event:

THE SWOLLEN ASSINIBOINE RIVER had broken from its channel confines, to sweep over the valley lowlands, before some North Side Wheat City dwellers evacuated their premises.

Overnight, numerous home-owners found themselves trapped and awaiting rescue by boat.


Beyond Eighteenth Street, a lake appeared: the Snye River bridge was buttressed against erosion.

Within the next twenty-four hour period, the waters arose more than twelve inches, until they were lapping at the foot of Sixth Street.

Several houses collapsed and sunk from sight.

Spectators lined the hills to gaze upon the destructive mass littered with floating debris or view the growing piles of personal possessions hastily removed from [houses] by citizens who found common shelter in the recently-opened new Winter Fair Building.

And the sullen river continued to rise – twenty-seven inches during another fourteen-hour interval – finally inundating Eighteenth Street grade and partially-covering First Street.

Soon, launches were plying between shores, conveying North Brandon area farmers with their produce.

The Canadian Pacific offered North-End inhabitants accommodation to a siding, east of the Hospital for Mental Diseases.

But at last, while various ‘Flats’ taxpayers purchased Macdonald Avenue property upon which to rebuild, the six-foot-deep waters started to recede.

An agonizingly slow ebb that handicapped health officials in removing from culverts and river-bank bushes the trapped remains of flood-claimed horses and cattle.




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A slice of cityscape

Cargill Feeds Weiming Zhao.jpg

A Prairie Monument

Cargill Feeds, on Pacific Avenue, in Brandon, on a hot summer afternoon.

Artist: Weiming Zhao


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