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Top 10 winter driving tips

winter driving tips

10 Reduce your speed when driving in less than ideal conditions

9 Keep a safe following distance

8 If you are in a skid, relax, release the brake and accelerator and look in the direction you want to go

7 See and be seen – turn your headlights on during heavy snow or sleet day or night and clear snow and ice off from your vehicle

6 Maintain your vehicle – get regular tune-ups, check your fluid levels and your tires

5 SIPDE – Scan, Identify, Predict, Decide and Execute

4 Use your sun visor or sunglasses when driving on sunny days

3 Beware of icy spots – bridges, overpasses, intersections and spots not in the sun

2 Accelerate and decelerate gradually

1 Be a defensive driver

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SAD light Rolling Spokes

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Pet Pals

Chelsea nap photo by Graham Street


Got up, had breakfast, had a good play, now it’s time for my morning nap!

photograph by Graham Street

(Chelsea is the pet pal of Marsha and Graham Street)

Corey Calverly, co-owner, Hedley's Health Hut

Corey Calverly, co-owner, Hedley’s Health Hut

Here are 5 ways to making this your best, and healthiest holidays ever!

Laugh It Up

Don’t let the holidays stress you out.

Stress leads to the release of an inflammatory compound called IL-6 that has been linked to many diseases, including heart disease.

Make this one a holly, jolly holiday season: breathe, take a walk outside or enjoy a good rollicking laugh.

Laughing revs up your stress response and then brings it back down.

Plus, laughing increases circulation and relaxes muscles.

Stuff Your Plate

From cranberries to cinnamon, some of the healthiest foods are stars of holiday cooking.

Dig in! Want to avoid feeling sluggish and sleepy at your next holiday event?

Avoid carbohydrate-based foods (white breads, crackers, baked goods) as they cause your blood sugar to spike and then crash.

Instead, dig into some wholesome holiday treats: such as a broccoli salad with festive cranberries; roasted pear and butternut squash soup; or

Eat. Drink. Be Merry!

Be ready for the digestive distress that comes when you indulge in holiday goodies by stocking up on digestive enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics.

According to research reported in the British Journal of Nutrition, those probiotics may also help you stay healthy so you don’t miss out on holiday gatherings.

The study suggests some probiotics may reduce the number of sick days one needs to take when suffering from a cold.

Party into the Night

Shake off winter weariness by drinking more water and being active.

As we turn up the thermostat in our homes our indoor environment becomes dry increasing our body’s need of water and making us feel tired.

According to a University of Georgia study, you will have more energy and feel less tired if you exercise just 20 minutes (low to moderate exercise), three times per week.

Give a Gift of Health

Okay, you can argue that the traditional hostess gift of a bottle of red wine is healthy – it is packed with resveratrol that is great for your heart and keeps wrinkles at bay.

However, for your next holiday gathering, consider bringing your hostess the gift of health: natural beauty products, elegant soaps, soothing bath products or enchanting teas.

These gifts are also great stocking stuffers along with natural toothpaste, fair trade chocolate and organic candies.

Now that you’re prepared, laughing and feeling energized go and indulge in this holiday season. May this holiday season be your best (and healthiest) one yet!


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